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Collaboration + Support

Setting a strong foundation and network during the emergence of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.  

Let's work together toward a common purpose.


Externship is a clinical work opportunity during which I provide psychedelic integration and psychotherapeutic services. My therapeutic work focuses on a compassionate-cognitive approach to client conceptualization and intervention. To satisfy the remaining requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology degree at Western Michigan University, my intention is to begin providing integration services in the fall of 2023. If you are interested in being an externship site, please contact me below!

Research Support

If you are interested in learning more of my research proposals or would like to collaborate on relevant projects regarding psychedelia, mental health, and training professionals, please contact me below! To further support my research proposals, including travel, participant recruitment, and equipment, feel free to visit my GoFundMe page.

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